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1948 - 2015.  Serving Toronto homes for the past 67 years.

  1. The quality or state of being perfect.
  2. The act or process of perfecting.
  3. Freedom from fault or defect.
  4. Flawlessness.
  5. A person or thing considered to be perfect.
  6. An instance of excellence.
  7. Work done by Rusco Distributors.

Welcome to Rusco Distributors

We do doors, windows, sunrooms and other home envelope products.

We offer complete solutions, where state of the art products, old world craftsmanship and dedicated after sale service create synergy that benefits you for many years to come.

We offer trust, where what you want is what you get, and more. We offer comfort, where you join over 30,000 home owners who trusted us with their largest and most important possession - their home.

We are all about difference.

If you are looking for flashy stock photos and "50% Off" hype, you are at the wrong place. If you are searching for informative and reliable data, you are at the right place.

You might not have heard about us. We do not believe in advertising, flyers or telemarketing. Our business is steadily generated through word of mouth and via repeat customers. We have served over 30,000 families, where in the older parts of town we have done work on one in seven houses. No other company in our trade comes even close.


About This Site

This site is not intended to showcase any award winning graphics or special effects, nor were the pictures picked for their artistic value. Our modest expertise is limited to the fenestration industry, and as such, all we wish to do is educate, advise and inform. We hope that the information contained within is richer and more informative compared to what is found on other sites dealing with similar products. If you need more information on our products please contact us, we'd be glad to elaborate.


Why Us?

  1. We have been around longer than anybody else in the trade – we have probably learned something along the way.
  2. We are for real – we have brick and mortar office, workshops, warehouse and showroom.
  3. We offer the latest technologies in our industry.
  4. We represent the best and most advanced manufacturers in the trade, hence offer a wide selection of products and solutions.
  5. Our estimators know what they are talking about.
  6. We do it all – not just the easy jobs.
  7. Our installers are well paid professionals and do not cut corners.
  8. We work by the building code.
  9. We do what we promise – and more.
  10. We offer a real and truthful warranty. We derive most of our work via repeat customers and word of mouth; so our goal is to keep our customers coming back. Our service makes this happen.


Just to make things clear:

perfection perfecţiune безупречность
尽善尽美 perfezione Perfeição
盡善盡美 ke sempurnaan Perfekcja
bezchybnost fullkomnun fullkommenhet
perfektion tökéletesség tobulybė
volmaaktheid שלמות Pilnība
täiuslikkus τελειότητα 완벽
täydellisyys die Vollkommenheit 完全
bezchybnosť Popolnost Perfección
perfektion mükemmellik إتْقان، كَمال