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1948 - 2015.  Serving Toronto homes for the past 67 years.

Porch Enclosures

Porch enclosures portray a protected area, and are used as a buffer between the house and the elements. It can be used as a vestibule before entering the house, or as a cozy space where you may sit and watch the world move by.

Our enclosures differ from the product you commonly find in the market place. They are designed and built differently, stronger, easier to use, look better - showing less frame and more glass compared to others, and will last longer. 

Please study the information below and the different styles shown on the pictures. Call us for an in-house consultation or email us a sketch or pictures, where we could convert your ideas into reality.




THe common enclosures are made of storm-door like frames, attached together with external 'H' couplers and screws, see ENT01 below. This results in bulky 5" wide frames between glass, visible external couplers and screws galore.
Further, individual units might be installed off-square if the installer is in a rush, which is often the case.

In comparison, our frames are engineered to be sturdier and better looking - only 2" wide between glass, and there are no visible couplers. Screws are limited to top and. See interlocking styles in sketches ENT02 and ENT03. What it also means is that it cannot be installed off-square, no matter how hard one may try. Sections will not lock together if not correctly aligned.

Our aluminum frames are made of 30% thicker extrusions - .045"  compared to .035" being industry standard.

While other frames are put together with plastic corner keys, our frames rails and styles are interlocked and screwed together metal to metal. This means that it will never move or come apart.

Frames are made of pre-printed baked aluminum sections, 1.75" or 2" thick. Glass is industry standard 3mm (1/8"), with strong aluminum or fiberglass screen mesh where applicable. Doors are made to match - either sliding or hinged. For hinged door styles see section on storm doors

All our enclosures are made to measure, to suit the existing configuration of your home. We do not use standard sizes or modify the existing openings to match.

All sections are prefabricated, so time on site is minimized.


Ordinary enclosures are offered with vertical sliding windows. As such, the window panes are limited to relatively small width - 30", where sections made over that become too heavy and tifficult to lift. To visulaise - try bending down to 10" off the floor, spread your hands 30" apart while lifting 5lb weight at each hand.

We offer this style as well, but most of our enclosures are made with horizontal sliding windows. Here the frame sections can be spaced up to 60" wide - even more in some cases. What you get is no-efforts moving windows, mor glass and less frame.
For the DIY we offer kits - pre-assembled or knocked down, for easy transportation Not all porches are square. For irregular angles we offer unique adjustable corner posts, in matching colours Optional tempered glass for better safety. Insulated knee walls (kick plates) Tempered glass knee walls For door installed over steps we offer in-swing doors. Note that in swing doors require special handle. Further, the concrete floor is made to slope towards the outside, so in such case, in swing door will require custom sill, else will not fully open. Sliding doors - to save space on small areas. Wide colour selection - white, chocolate brown, architectural brown (bronze), cream, sandalwood, sandstone, grey and black. To fully enclose an area we also offer insulated roofs. A non-insulated roof will condensate due to moisture from the house.    

Comparioson chart

Others Ours Ours Ours
Product line Vertical Vertical Horizontal Horizontal
     Standard Prime
Alum skeleton v v v v
Frame thickness 2” 2” 2” 1.75"
  Frame width    5"   2" 2" 2"
  Width between posts  30"    30"  60" 60"
  Frame connection  Couplers   Uniblock  Interlock Interlock
Enamel painted  v v v v
Adjustable header v
Non insulated kickpanel v v v
Insulated kickpanel v
Available glass kickpanel v v v v
Visible couplers v
Hidden couplers v v
Uniblock frame v v v
Plastic corner keys v
Screws showing Lots Little Little Little
Frame thickness .035" .045" .045" .045"
Hung v v
Sliders v v
Gliders v
Rollers v
Glass 3mm 3mm 3mm 3mm
Alum mesh
v v
Warranty, years ? 15 15 15
White v v v v
Cream v v v
Sandstone v
Earthstone v
Chocolate Brown v v v
Bronze v v
Gray v v v
Sandalwood v v v
Sliding doors colours — white, cream, sandalwood, sandstone and brown only.


Enclosure styles

45000 - common enclosure style - vertical sliding windows. Limited to app 30" sections, else top sashes become too heavy to lift. Wide mullions detracts from the view - more frame, less glass. 

45010 - our enclosure - very wide - up to 60", easy to operate sliding windows. Narrower mullions show little frame and more glass.  

Enclosures under existing roof

45100 - two doors with transom and vertical sliders at sides.


45110 - two doors with transom and vertical sliders at sides and fixed unit as side wall.


45120 - Two doors at front, vertical sliders at side.

45130 - double doors and sidelite at front, horizontal sliders at side. 

45140- two doors with transom and two horizontal slider units as side wall.
Porch enclosure
45150 - two doors and transom installed over main doors.

45160 - enclosure with sliding door and horizontal sliders on side and side wall.

45170 - sliding door and fixed window at front, vertical sliders on side wall.


45180 - as above, side view.

45190 - two doors, vertical sliders on sides and side wall.


45200 - single door, fixed side windows and horizontal slider on side wall.

45210 - sliding door, fixed side windows and horizontal slider on side wall.

45220 -as above, front view.

45230 - note the corner posts - brick at bottom and smaller wood posts on top.

45240 - as above, front view.

45250 - enclosing front porch at a traditional style Toronto home.

45255 - small corner enclosure.

45256 - Single door at front, horizontal sliders at side.


45260 - enclosure combuned with protective cover.  

Round top enclosures

45270 - round top enclosure.

45280 - round top enclosure.

Enclosures with new roof

45300 - enclosure with 3" insulated roof, horizontal sliding windows and sliding door.

45310 - enclosure with 3" insulated roof, horizontal sliding windows and sliding door.

45320 - as above, right side view.

45340 - enclosure with double doors, vertical sliding windows and non-insulated awning roof. A non-insulated roof is not recommended on enclosures, as house' moisture will condensate on roof. It was done here as the awning was already in place.

45350 - enclosure with 3" insulated roof, horizontal sliding windows and regular in swing door.

45370 - enclosure with 3" insulated roof, two in swing doors and vertical sliding windows. Note that this is an extra tall enclosure to allow for a tall door and transom inside.  
445370 - enclosure with 3" insulated roof, sliding door and horizontal sliding windows.

45390-  enclosure with 3" insulated roof, sliding door and horizontal sliding windows.  Note the glass knee walls on the side. /h5>

45400 - an all-glass enclosure with a glass insulated roof.

45410 - a 2nd floor enclosure with fixed windows at front and horizontal sliders on sides.

Stair cover enclosures


45510 - an elaborate enclosure with polycarbonate clear insulated roof to cover entrance to basement.

45520 - as above.

45530 - enclosure over basement stairs, 3" insulated roof and fixed windows on side.

45540 - enclosure covers back stairway to basement.

45550 - cover for house' side entrance

45560 -mini enclosure to protect side door

Miscellaneous enclosures

45600 - front wall enclosure, conventional construction with vinyl insulated windows and door.

45610 - conventional construction stairs enclosure with insulated vinyl windows and steel insulated wall.

Enclosure detail simulation 

45700 - narrow mulions on our vertical slider windows - 2" only, compared to 5" on other enclosures.

45710 - common enclosure joint - external coupler and screws galore.

45720 - our internal joint type 'C', inside coupler, top and bottom screws only.

45730 - our internal joint type 'V', interlocking frame sections, top and bottom screws only.